Dubai female personal trainers are in high demand

Female personal trainers are in hot demand in Dubai, as most women are not very comfortable with having a male personal trainer as well as working out in a mixed gym. Dubai is a significantly conservative Islamic society and many women are not comfortable with a certain level of physical contact with men who are not biologically related to them.

The supply of personal trainers does seem to match the demand in terms of volume, but we think there is a significant niche that is underserved. If you are a female personal trainer or fitness instructor, please read on to see why we think Dubai might be the place for you.

Ladies in Dubai workout at the comfort of their home

As a female personal trainer, your primarily target would be women who would much rather have a female personal instructor than a male one, from conservative Emiratis to liberal-minded western expatriates, there are a lot of people looking to lose weight and stay in shape.

A female personal trainer exercises together with a client at home

Most people don’t know how to get fit and even if they do, many people still find it hard to keep up with a fitness plan and usually rely on their personal trainer or coach to help them stay focused and motivated. In Dubai, where most people don’t really go out to exercise much, because of the very high temperatures, it is very likely that a lot more ladies who are mostly at home need the services of a female personal trainer and will be willing to pay decent money for someone who can tell them what to do and actually help them do it consistently. Those ladies will expect a female personal trainer to come to their home, where they have their own gym, or have some equipment in their room.


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Female personal trainers make a good living in Dubai

Not everyone in Dubai is rich, but the reality is not that far off. This means that most Emiratis are well off and living a comfortable life. There is more disposable income in Dubai for people to channel towards relative luxuries such as personal training. If you are a good fitness coach or personal trainer, you will probably earn a good living in Dubai, and good female personal trainers, in particular, could do very well here.

Getting noticed on social media is crucial

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There are many personal training services and many other female personal trainers in Dubai. And while you are probably capable of offering different fitness programs or styles, you should focus on a few services at first. That way, you will be able to advertise your services to a small group of ladies who are interested in your service, and you will be able to get new personal training clients through word of mouth faster, which is one of the most common ways to get new clients. With so many female trainers in Dubai, it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd. But there are many ways to get new clients if you are persistent and dedicated to your work. One of them is getting noticed on social media. You should set up accounts on all popular channels and share photos, videos, and details about programs and services that you offer.

Getting new clients can be challenging

Getting new personal training clients can be difficult at first. You could lower your prices for the first few clients until you get a decent portfolio. But what’s more important is that you work smart, provide a good service, and help ladies get fit. Eventually, your female clients will recommend you to their friends and family who will then contact you to try out your services, and everything else will fall in place.

A female personal trainer shows the client that he has 3 more reps

Different employment options for female personal trainers

Female personal trainers in Dubai have many employment options. Although the options are limitless, the majority of personal trainers in the emirate work in one of the following categories:

  • As an employee of a fitness club
  • As a freelancer in health clubs
  • As a person that trains clients at home
  • As a self-employed individual

If you don’t have a certificate that will prove your competence, you will easily be able to obtain one online. Of course, there are many personal trainer courses in Dubai that will provide the  basis for training other people. But, the best way is to obtain a license before moving to Dubai. Although, do remember that what is considered valid in Europe and the US might not be valid in the UAE. Make sure you are well informed about what must be accepted to become a registered personal trainer in the UAE. Your previous experience would be a plus.

Working hours

Working hours vary considerably and will depend on whether you’re employed by a gym or if you’re self-employed. You’ll need to be flexible in order to meet the needs of your clients, so you’ll probably work in the evenings, early mornings and weekends. While you’re building up your client base, it’s not uncommon to work 12-hour days, which will include working with existing clients while also trying to recruit new ones. Personal training is not a 9am-5pm office job. Where and when you work can be incredibly varied. This could include client’s homes, a local gym, a park or even at a holiday resort. Personal trainers are often viewed as positive role models by their clients, and so it’s essential that you look after your own health and wellbeing in order to promote a healthy lifestyle to others. Keeping up to date with developments in the fitness industry is imperative, as is the continuous development of your own skills, knowledge and qualifications. This will enable you to offer a varied service to your clients that is tailored to their individual needs. As a freelancer or self-employed personal trainer, you’ll be able to manage your time and desired income, and have some free time to enjoy a Dubai lifestyle.

Career prospects

After you’ve qualified it’s possible to start your own personal training business straight away, but many trainers choose work for an employer first and then branch out once they’ve gained a good client base.